General Terms and Conditions of Cooperation

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General Terms and Conditions of Cooperation – Regulations


Service Provider – Lidex Sp. z o.o. ul. Magiera 16/17, 01-873 Warsaw (correspondence address: ul. Republikańska 24a, 04-404 Warsaw), NIP [Tax Identification Number] 118-00-39-380.

Client – a business entity or a natural person interested in the services provided by the Service Provider.

Service – any work referred to in § 1(2) of these Regulations that the Service Provider performs for the Client.

Quotation – a formal, written offer containing the Service Provider’s estimate of the cost of performing the Service, submitted to the Client; created on the basis of the applicable Price List; each time the Quotation is accompanied by the applicable detailed Terms and Conditions of Service.

Order – a formal, written acceptance on the part of the Client of the Quotation presented by the Service Provider. The form of the Order (form, e-mail acceptance, etc.) depends on the individual agreement between the parties (including the provisions of the framework agreements).

Working day – for the purposes of these Regulations, a working day shall be any day on which the Service Provider provides its services, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public or bank holidays

§ 1
General provisions

  1. These General Terms and Conditions of Cooperation – referred to as the Regulations – define the framework conditions of cooperation between Lidex Sp. z o.o. and the Client with regard to Services provided by the Service Provider to the Client.
  2. As part of its operations, Lidex Sp. z o.o. provides the following services:
    • translation, including certified translation
    • proofreading
    • transcreation
    • conference interpreting (including simultaneous and consecutive interpreting) on-site and online
    • sign language interpreting
    • online and hybrid projects
    • multimedia, streaming
    • LED screens, lighting and sound systems
    • conference and event equipment
    • voting systems
    • own online production studio
    • technical support for events
    • graphic services (graphic design, DTP)
    • accessibility services
    • film services (translation and localisation of films – subtitling, intertitles, voice-over, post-production)

§ 2
Units of account/units of measurement

  1. Translation
    • regular translation – a standard page contains 1500 characters including spaces.
      The minimum charge for translation is calculated for 1 page of text.
      A translation longer than 1 page is settled with accuracy of 0.5 standard pages.
    • certified translation – a standard page contains 1125 characters including spaces. Certified translation is settled with accuracy of 1 standard page (according to the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 24 January 2005, as amended).

      The Quotation is an estimate and the final number of pages is calculated on the basis of the text after translation.
  1. Interpreting, including hybrid and online interpreting

The unit of account is an interpreting block of 4 hours. Each commenced interpreting block is counted as a full block.

An exception is for interpreting assignments taking place outside the interpreter’s place of residence (more than 30 km). In this case, billing is based on an 8-hour block regardless of the duration of the interpretation.

§ 3
Commissioning, deadline and method of service delivery

  1. In response to an enquiry from the Client, the Service Provider shall prepare an estimated Quotation for the provision of the Service. Detailed Terms and Conditions of Service are provided each time with a Quotation.
  2. An agreement for the performance of the Service shall be concluded upon the submission to the Service Provider of a written acceptance of the Quotation (the Order) received and of any materials constituting the subject matter of the Service (including materials for translation, graphic design, recording, etc.).
  3. The form of the Order (formal print, email form, other specific terms, etc.) depends on the arrangements made with the Client, including the provisions of individual contracts.
  4. In the case of translation, graphic design and film services, the Order should be placed on a working day by 5.30 pm. In the case of interpreting and technical services, the delivery of the Order should take place no later than 3 working days prior to the scheduled date of service provision.
  5. In the event of a later delivery of the material to be translated and/or the Order, the day of placing the Order shall be deemed to be the next working day.
  6. Should the Client fail to comply with the provisions of § 3(1) as regards the deadline for the Order delivery, the Service Provider shall specify a new deadline or prepare a new Quotation for the performance of the Service.
  7. The Service Provider undertakes to carry out the accepted Order with the utmost care.
  8. The Order shall be deemed completed by the Service Provider if they perform/deliver the Service by the date and in the manner agreed in the Order.
  9. The Client undertakes to accept the completed Service and to pay the Service Provider their remuneration at the time and in the manner agreed by the Parties.
  10. Acknowledgement of receipt of a completed Service (in relation to translation, graphic or film services, as well as in the case of rental of conference or event equipment), equivalent to confirmation of its performance, shall be:
    • receipt of the Service in person;
    • shipping confirmation – in the case of delivery of the Service by post or courier service;
    • confirmation of sending of the message (date and time) – in the case of delivery of the Service by means of electronic communication
    • confirmation of receipt of a message confirming the receipt/acceptance of the service from the Client in the case of an interpreting and/or conference service
    • acceptance protocol filled in by the Client, if required by the provisions of the contract.

§ 4
Quotation and payment for the Service provided

  1. The remuneration for the execution of the Order is determined by the Service Provider on the basis of the Quotation accepted by the Client. The Quotation is an estimate and may differ from the final price (e.g. when the number of pages of the source text differs from the number of pages of the translation, the duration of the interpretation and/or the conference/event itself is extended, the equipment configuration is changed, etc.).
  2. By placing an Order, the Client accepts the Quotation received.
  3. Any and all changes to the Order terms and conditions must be notified to the Service Provider in writing. Extending the scope of the Order shall affect the final cost of the service.
  4. Orders submitted to the Service Provider 48 hours or less before the start of provision of the service shall entail an increase in the cost by at least 30%. Reductions in the interpreters’ working time and/or underutilisation of the equipment ordered during the Service shall not affect the cost of the service.
  5. Payments shall be carried out by bank transfer, card or cash at the Service Provider’s office or via an individual link sent to an email address. Debit/credit card transactions made through the link are settled through PAYPRO S.A.; card payment at the Service Provider’s office is settled through ELAVON.

§ 5
Scope of liability

  1. The Service Provider, on the basis of its professional knowledge and experience, shall make every effort to ensure that the Service provided is performed to the highest standard – both in terms of content and timeliness.
  2. An Order shall be deemed to have been performed improperly if:
    1. it has not been performed to an appropriate level of content,
    2. it has not been delivered or was not ready for handover by the agreed deadline.
  3. The Client shall be obliged to notify the Service Provider in writing of any defects in the performed Service immediately upon their discovery but no later than within 30 days of the delivery of the translation or 3 days of the delivery of the conference service and/or interpretation.
  4. In the event that the Client demonstrates that the completed Service is burdened with one of the defects listed in section 2, the Service Provider shall be obliged to immediately rectify such defects within the timeframe agreed with the Client.
  5. If the defects referred to in section 2.1 cannot be rectified, the Client shall be entitled to claim a contractual penalty amounting to 10% of the remuneration agreed for the execution of the respective Order.
  6. Should the defects be of a material nature, which shall be ascertained in the course of the complaint procedure, the Client shall be entitled to demand a price discount in the amount of 50% to 100% of the remuneration agreed for the execution of the respective Order.
  7. In the event of a delay in executing an Order (section 2.2), the Client shall be entitled to charge the Service Provider with a contractual penalty amounting to 1% of the remuneration agreed for the execution of a given Order for each working day of delay but not exceeding the equivalent of 25% of the remuneration agreed for the execution of a given Order.
  8. The Service Provider’s liability for any damage in connection with an Order shall be limited to a maximum of the remuneration due for the execution of that Order, unless the individual agreement provides otherwise.
  9. The Client acknowledges and accepts that express Orders may be executed by a group of translators, editors and proofreaders, which may affect the uniformity of terminology.
  10. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the choice of terminology used in a given translation if the Client does not provide the Service Provider with a glossary of preferred terms at the stage of ordering the service, and the correct dictionary terminology is used in the translation.
  11. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the quality of the interpretation if the Client fails to provide support materials for the interpreters (including a glossary of the Client’s preferred vocabulary) by the specified deadline.
  12. The Service Provider is not responsible for any losses and direct or indirect costs resulting from the translated material being used for a purpose different than the one stated in the Order, i.e. losses resulting from sending a text for publication that has not undergone additional proofreading, editing and final revision.
  13. The Service Provider shall also not be liable for any discrepancies in content or errors arising from the original text provided by the Client.
  14. The Parties shall not be liable to each other for improper performance or non-performance of their obligations if this is due to force majeure circumstances. The following shall be regarded as force majeure events within the meaning of these Regulations: strikes, blockades, computer system failures, power cuts, terrorist attacks, the occurrence of epidemics or infectious diseases to the extent that the proper functioning of the affected Party’s business is impaired. The Party affected by force majeure events shall immediately notify the other Party of their occurrence and the expected date of cessation of the impediment.
  15. Pursuant to Art. 38 of Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] 2014, item 827 as amended, the consumer shall have no right of withdrawal from an off-premises or distance contract in the case of contracts: 1) for services, where the entrepreneur has fully provided the service with the consumer’s prior express consent, where the consumer has been informed before the performance has begun that they will lose their right of withdrawal once the service has been provided by the entrepreneur.

§ 6
Complaint dispute

  1. Should a dispute arise between the Parties concerning defects in the executed Order, as referred to in § 5 of the Regulations, the Parties undertake to resolve this dispute amicably.

§ 7
Exclusivity and liability, withdrawal from the contract

  1. The Client undertakes to agree the details of the execution of the respective Order exclusively and directly with the Service Provider.
  2. In the Client’s best interests, the Client is not allowed to conduct any discussions and arrangements regarding the Order and to contact third parties directly for this purpose, in particular the translator/interpreter performing the service for the Service Provider.
  3. If the Client violates the prohibition set out in section 1, they shall be obliged to pay to the Service Provider a contractual penalty amounting to 50% of the remuneration agreed for the execution of the Order in question.
  4. The Client shall have the right to withdraw from the execution of the Order, which shall, however, entail the necessity to compensate the Service Provider for the costs incurred and the benefits lost in the following amount:
    1. If the Order included the provision of interpreting, sign language interpreting or broadly defined conference services:
      • up to 5 days before the day of service – 75% of the amount of the agreed value of the service based on the Order and Quotation
      • up to 3 days before the day of service – 100% of the amount of the agreed value of the service based on the Order and Quotation
    2. If the Order included translation, graphic or film services, the Client shall be obliged to pay for the already completed part of the work according to the price agreed when placing the order. In the case where the Service Provider has not started the process of translation yet, but has already incurred costs of processing an uneditable file (preparing it for translation and reproducing the graphical layout of the original), the Client is obliged to cover the costs of such processing.
      At the same time, the Client shall receive the part of the service performed up to the time of withdrawal from the Order.
  5. Failure to pay the withdrawal fee in full shall render the withdrawal ineffective.

§ 8
Confidentiality clause

  1. The Service Provider is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified, which guarantees the Client full security of the information and personal data transmitted. At the request of the Client, it is possible to send correspondence and any attachments in encrypted form.
  2. The Service Provider undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of all information provided and made available to them by the Client for the proper execution of the Order. Such information may only be made available to employees and subcontractors working directly on the execution of the given Order.
  3. Both parties undertake to maintain confidentiality with regard to the prices and conditions of execution of the Order.

§ 9
Final provisions

  1. Matters not regulated herein shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, with the Parties agreeing to exclude all other rights of the Client arising from non-performance and/or improper performance of the Order other than those granted herein.
  2. The Regulations are binding for the Parties from the moment of signing the Order and, therefore, the detailed Terms and Conditions of Service attached to each Quotation shall also apply.
  3. The provisions of the Regulations may be amended between the Parties only in writing under pain of nullity.
  4. These Regulations shall be effective as of 1 April 2023.