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  • The magic of technology

    The magic of technology

    Imagine that you have to organise an extremely important conference and you want its participants to remember this event for a long time.

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  • Easter 2024

    Easter 2024

    On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, we extend warm wishes for joyous moments shared with loved ones, a table adorned with your favourite dishes, and a generous hare with a basket full of surprises. May abundant sunshine grace your days, ushering in the promise of spring and bidding farewell to winter storms. 😊 Happy…

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  • 5th Integrative Medicine Congress

    5th Integrative Medicine Congress

    How can we address the ecological, social, psychological, and health crises that affect us? And how can we effectively safeguard our health amidst the constant changes in the world around us?

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  • Diplomatic Opening of the Year 2024

    Diplomatic Opening of the Year 2024

    Last month, Polish entrepreneurs, politicians, experts, and diplomats discussed the economic prospects and opportunities for Poland, Europe, and the world in the coming year during the Diplomatic Opening of the Year 2024 at the Olympic Centre in Warsaw.

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  • Coping with workplace stress

    Coping with workplace stress

    We’re well aware that stress is an inescapable part of both our professional and personal lives. The good news is, there are effective ways to handle it. Numerous scientific studies highlight the positive impact of animals on human psychological well-being.

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  • How to ensure the highest quality of interpreting

    How to ensure the highest quality of interpreting

    Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the use of AI in translation and interpreting. While leveraging modern solutions and technologies is undoubtedly valuable, it’s crucial to reflect on whether AI will genuinely yield the desired benefits in a given situation. That is why, today we will discuss several important issues related not…

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  • Educational game translation

    Educational game translation

    At the end of last year, we had the opportunity to make an extremely interesting translation from Ukrainian into Polish for an international organisation operating in the field of migration. The subject of the translation was the educational board game Liza and her friends travel around the world, which was created in the Ukrainian branch…

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  • The year 2023 and its trends

    The year 2023 and its trends

    An intense and busy year 2023 is behind us: we translated hundreds of thousands of pages of texts in various language combinations and carried out hundreds of hours of conference events. What particularly caught our attention at this time?

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