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– we are committed to sustainable development

For more than three decades, we have been committed to sustainability initiatives – we support environmental conservation, inequality reduction, culture, art and local communities

Our declaration

As an industry leader, we have some obligations. We set market standards also in the fields of responsible business and proactive sustainability.

As an SME company, we urge businesses like ours to engage in initiatives related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We are pleased that other translation agencies are responding positively to our appeal and share their achievements in this area.

Inspired by this success, we take up even more activities for the environment, equality, local communities, culture and art. They are and will be permanently included in our everyday work.


Our initiatives

Sustainable development initiatives require agreement and joint action. In this context, our mission statement – Improving the quality of life through the removal of linguistic and technical barriers in the interactions between individuals – has never been more relevant. For many years, we have been taking up various initiatives to enhance this quality. Those aimed at reduction of inequalities (Sustainable Development Goal 10) are particularly important to us.

Zrównoważony rozwój - wyrównywanie nierówności

Reduction of inequalities:

Our pro bono services for blind, visually impaired (audio description) and speech-and-hearing impaired people (sign language) include:

  • audio description for cinema and theatre performances (e.g. as part of the “Cinema beyond silence and darkness” initiative)
  • a guide of the Royal Castle in Warsaw for speech-and-hearing impaired people
  • preparation of materials (audio description and sign language) on Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemics and distribution of these materials to visually impaired, blind and speech-and-hearing impaired people
Zrównoważony rozwój - inicjatywy dla dzieci

Initiatives for children:

  • Participation in UNICEF Poland programmes dedicated to children from regions of the world plagued by crises and armed conflicts
  • Pro bono services for the “Help On Time” Foundation for Children
  • “Be visible” – 1st edition of the campaign for schools – production and distribution of reflective bands for children
  • “Be visible with Lidex” – 2nd edition of the campaign for schools and kindergartens – production and distribution of reflective keychains for children
Zrównoważony rozwój - działania EKO

ECO activities:

  • planting in the Social Garden of the Silesian Museum
  • reduction of office supplies consumption – e.g. we encourage our customers to switch to e invoices
  • reduction of the use of plastic materials – a standard practice in our times
  • reduction of the office space occupied by the company
Zrównoważony rozwój - akcje "Bądź EKO"

“Be ECO” campaigns:

  • “Be ECO” – production and distribution of organic bags
  • “Be ECO 2” – production and distribution of canvas shopping bags
  • “Be ECO 3” – production and distribution of ECO bags for fruits and vegetables
We are an active member of the UN Global Compact Poland

We are an active member of the UN Global Compact Poland

Together with leaders of international and Polish corporations, we undertake sustainable development initiatives. We are proud of the distinctions awarded to us by UNGC for our participation in this Organization’s programmes, and also of the appreciation for our activities promoting ethical and labour standards, which are the foundations of sustainable development.

Sustainable development initiatives are not reserved for large organisations only. Even SMEs, such as Lidex, can and should have important achievements in this area.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals give us a great deal of opportunities for joint initiatives.

Have we inspired you? Let us act together!

Be visible – engage

in sustainable development activities


If you are reading this text, you are probably not indifferent to the good and security of mankind and the future of our planet. You have probably already taken up several activities in this area. We encourage you to engage:

firma z sercem UNICEF

“A company with a heart” programme

In the regions of the world affected by war and crisis, the situation of children is particularly difficult. Lidex has been regularly supporting UNICEF Poland, an organisation that reaches directly to the youngest ones in need. We also participate in the UNICEF Poland’s “A company with a heart” programme. Perhaps you could contribute too? More about UNICEF Poland’s activities:

Równe szanse w biznesie

Equal opportunities in business

Equal opportunities for men and women in business is an idea that we have been successfully putting into practice at Lidex since the beginning of our operation. We received a distinction for active participation in the UNGC “Equal Opportunities in Business” programme. We also joined the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and Career Cycle programmes. The inspiration to introduce solutions supporting equal opportunities for women and men in the professional environment may be:

Segregacja śmieci

Waste segregation

Has segregation of waste become your habit? Have you mastered the use of containers for bio, mixed, glass, paper and metal waste? We noticed that the instructions for waste segregation (leaflets, stickers, guides) are available only in Polish. If you need them in other languages – use the links below:

ekologiczne suszenie rąk

Dry your hands sustainably

Every day, we wash our hands many times – and since the outbreak of the pandemics, more often than ever. This translates into tons of paper towels consumed at workplaces or public spaces. While just one paper sheet is enough to dry your hands! If you want to encourage others to make economical use of paper towels, download one of our ready-to-print leaflets:

Partnership with the Kulczyk Foundation

Partnership with the Kulczyk Foundation

In June 2023, we signed an agreement with the Kulczyk Foundation on cooperation in projects involving charity, social assistance, and education. Even earlier, in November 2022, we joined the Career Cycle programme, which aims to promote access to menstrual products in workplaces and spread knowledge in the field of women’s health. For the management board of Lidex, it is obvious that the role of a responsible employer is to notice the differences between the sexes and create a workplace that is friendly to every employee. This means, among other things, taking care of the comfort of women, who make up the majority of our team. If you are interested in this topic, you can find more information at:

Responsible business in Poland

Since the beginning of the company’s existence, we have been socially engaged, which is why we are close to the idea of responsible business in Poland, promoted by the Responsible Business Forum (since May 2020, we have been a signatory of the Diversity Charter). We strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with the activities of this organisation, as well as with the cyclical publication “Responsible business in Poland. Good practices.” The latest report includes 1,705 initiatives implemented by 272 companies. We are proud that three of them are records of Lidex’s activities in the area of sustainable development. We are even more pleased that they were included in the Report alongside good practices of many of our key Clients.

Activities for sustainable development should become our habit.
We pursue them in simple ways, as far as we can.

Will you join us?

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