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Film translation

How to optimally translate a film

The content of the film material should be translated (localised) with its purpose in mind. Therefore, the best option is to select a translator who will localise the film with consideration of the preferences and expectations of the target viewers: e.g. HCPs, engineers, children or the general audience.

It is worth entrusting this task to a company that has both a wide range of film translators and subject matter consultants, as well as experience in localising various film materials.

Film translation at Lidex

We have been localising film materials for three decades. We offer proven and tested film translators and a pool of subject matter consultants. We have translated (from dialogue lists and audio tracks) hundreds of thousands of hours of feature films, documentaries, as well as training films – highly specialised, promotional and advertising videos.

Our regular Customers entrust our company with the task of language localisation of a wide variety of films with full confidence – from instructional videos to dialogue lists of feature films entered in international film festivals. We always select a film translator that is optimal for the specifics of a given project.

We translate the following:

  • feature films
  • documentaries
  • training/instructional videos
  • educational videos
  • news footage
  • presentations
  • commercials

However, translated film content is only a part of the entire film service; it must be placed in the form of audio (voice recording) and/or subtitles (subtitling).

Of course, we provide a comprehensive full company service: we translate content, add an audio track (voice-over recording), and place translated subtitles in the film material.

Lidex’s comprehensive service – translation of the audio track, adding a voice-over, subtitling

Voice-over for videos

We offer also voice-over for videos.
Our Customers benefit from our experience in selecting ideal voices for:

  • training videos
  • promotional and advertising videos
  • feature films and documentaries (full-length)


  • multimedia educational materials
  • localised audio/video content

We work with professional voice actors – native speakers of many languages of the world.
We select voice actors who are perfectly matched to the processed material. A well-selected voice is a finishing touch for every video or multimedia material.


In many cases, the best form of communicating the message contained in a video is adding subtitles. Professional subtitles must comply with specific video editing requirements. The text needs to be correctly placed and aligned. Our Customers can be sure that the subtitles they order from us will meet these requirements.

We create subtitles for translated films in various forms – Customers order from us:

  • translation (localisation) and replacement of original subtitles
  • editing – adding new subtitles and/or screen text

Why is it worth ordering a film translation from us

You have a video in a foreign language and want to localise it into Polish? Or perhaps into another foreign language? We have a large base of experienced film translators.

Do you need a voice-over recording? Quick and professional subtitling? We provide these services comprehensively for many Customers who come back to us with subsequent film orders, and who recommend us to other Customers with confidence.

So take advantage of our experience and you’ll get well-localised film material with well-chosen voice-overs and professionally placed subtitles.

Send us a link to the film material and you will quickly receive a quote from us for the film service you need (translation, subtitles, voice-over).

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