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Lidex - Translation and interpreting services Warsaw

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Translation and interpreting services Warsaw

The Lidex Warsaw Translation and Conference Service Centre combines tradition and modernity. We have been implementing new services and solutions since 1989. We regularly provide our customers with translation, interpreting, conference and online services, using state-of-the-art IT tools.

Lidex – the leader in translation and interpreting services – Warsaw

Our customers highly appreciate the fact that we provide them with specialist linguist services in 12 domains: from law, banking and economy to medicine, science, culture, and to industry or renewable energy. We translate from and to over 70 European and non-European languages.

5 ISO Certificates

Quality and security are not less important. We have 5 ISO certifications for our translation and interpreting services:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System – since 2001
  • ISO 17100 Translation Process Management System – since 2012
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System – since 2013
  • ISO 18587 Machine Translation Postediting Management System – since 2019
  • ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System – since 2023

For our customers, these certifications guarantee the top quality and security of service performance and customer service processes, as well as data transmission and storage.

The elite of translators and interpreters – Warsaw

Yet, the most important are our PEOPLE – the best professionals who translate and interpret for our customers – also simultaneously – at stationary, hybrid or completely online events. With the best translators and interpreters in our portfolio, specialising in different domains, we can meet the high expectations of our customers in terms of accuracy and professional language. Our linguists are constantly developing their translation skills and a number of other technical skills necessary in the work of a translator or interpreter of the 21st century (fluent use of the necessary translation programs and tools, teamwork, hybrid and online work).

Customer Service – Translation Services – Warsaw

The extraordinary PEOPLE at Lidex include also members of our Customer Service Team – committed to our customers and managing complex projects that sometimes must be delivered in a very short timeframe. Such high standards of service require not only passion and commitment but also outstanding logistic competencies, experience, knowledge of different tools and software as well as continuous development of skills. Our account managers are praised for delivering high quality services, offering knowledgeable advice and top class customer service culture.

Lidex – the leader in translation services – Warsaw – discover the quality of our services and customer care

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