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Simultaneous interpreting

What is such a simultaneous interpretation about?

This is a live interpretation, parallel to the speaker’s speech, with the help of a simultaneous interpretation system. The interpreter works in the so-called booth, wearing headphones, and speaks into a microphone built into the interpreter’s desk located in the booth. This type of interpreting is usually done by a team of two interpreters. Conference participants use receivers that enable the selection of the language, and the sound is received through headphones plugged into the receiver.

Services of simultaneous interpreters are mainly used during international conferences – often speakers and participants speak different languages and interpretation from/into more than one language is needed.

In recent years, online simultaneous interpreting has become very popular.

It is good to know that there are situations when simultaneous interpretation is performed by a single interpreter. This happens in the case of simultaneous whispered interpreting – performed by an interpreter for 1 to 3 participants, for whom they translate the speech in real time, in such a way as not to disturb other participants.

Simultaneous whispered interpreting is used by one or more people for whom the language of the event in which they participate is a foreign language. The role of the interpreter consists in interpreting speeches, but also reporting the course of the event. Oftentimes, for the comfort of the recipients of whispered interpretation, they are provided with infoports (a portable interpreting system).

Lidex – the leader in the Polish simultaneous interpreting market

For over three decades, we have been providing simultaneous interpreting in various domains and languages. Lidex’s simultaneous interpreters work during multilingual congresses, specialist conferences, media events, and also interpret live on TV. We develop our knowledge and experience in the selection of optimal pairs of interpreters on an ongoing basis. Customers confirm that Lidex is the absolute leader in the provision of simultaneous interpreting services in Poland.

We provide our Customers with consultations – the added value of cooperation with Lidex is the use of our know-how in the field of simultaneous interpreting.

Every single week, we handle several events, often at the same time, also with simultaneous interpreting. We know what this job is about.

Customers trust our experience in the optimal selection of interpreters and simultaneous interpreting systems and additional conference equipment.

Why it is worth ordering services of simultaneous interpreters at Lidex

We will ensure the optimal selection of pairs and teams of interpreters for the specifics of the event.

We will make sure that the interpreters are prepared to perform the service.

We will take care of the comfort of the interpreters’ work – usually, the Customers order from us services of interpreters and equipment for simultaneous interpretation, along with technical support personnel that takes care of the comfort of interpreters during their work.

We offer complementary conference services:

We provide simultaneous interpretation not only during conventional events, but also hybrid and online events.
Together with the online simultaneous interpreting service, our Customers can use our proprietary #LIDEXONLINE remote simultaneous interpreter desktop. This tool provides simultaneous interpreters with optimal comfort of online work and gives the possibility to perform and manage several simultaneous interpretations at the same time.

Account managers of the Conference Department work with passion and maximum commitment to the success of the event during which the interpreting is to be provided. This work requires dedication and full availability. The managers also make sure that the interpreters can prepare themselves for the job. For this purpose, they obtain all available written materials from Customers. Simultaneous interpreters are happy to work with Lidex, knowing that they will receive from us the maximum amount of information about the order, which will translate into their optimal preparation for the job. And as a result, it will ensure the satisfaction of the organisers, event participants and speakers.

We will help you to select the right interpreters and an optimised technical solution for simultaneous interpreting of your event. We will also take care of logistics, ensure the comfort of work for interpreters and smooth cooperation during the event.

Do you need simultaneous interpreters? Choose Lidex – the leader in the Polish simultaneous interpreting market.

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