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  • 5 x ISO – Lidex – Quality and Security Leader

    5 certyfikatów ISO

    The role of the leader is to set trends. That is why we have been doing it for 34 years.

    This applies, among others, to security standards.

    In this context, very important for us was the year 2013, when we were the first Polish translation company to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate (information security management). Ten years after this certification, in February, Lidex became the first Polish company in the industry to be certified for compliance with the ISO 27701 standard. Thus, we have extended the scope of our system to include privacy information management.

    We will be informing you in detail about the additional benefits of cooperating with us, resulting from the implementation of ISO 27701.

    However, we set trends not only in the field of information security, but also in terms of quality standards and industry standards.

    Already in 2001, as one of the first companies in Poland, we were certified for compliance with then completely new ISO 9001 (9001:2001) standard. Since 2016, we have also been ISO 17100 certified (previously the PN-EN 15038 standard since 2011) and since 2019 – ISO 18587 certified (machine translation post-editing).

    As you can see, we are constantly improving, changing, and implementing standards that are beneficial for our business partners and we certainly have not said the last word in this regard.

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