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    How to ensure the highest quality of interpreting

    Jak zapewnić najwyższą jakość tłumaczenia ustnego

    Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the use of AI in translation and interpreting. While leveraging modern solutions and technologies is undoubtedly valuable, it’s crucial to reflect on whether AI will genuinely yield the desired benefits in a given situation. That is why, today we will discuss several important issues related not so much to the interpreting itself, but to what needs to be done to make it perfect.

    Many people hold the misconception that an interpreter is a walking encyclopaedia, capable of interpreting in any field, even the most complex, on demand.

    While seasoned interpreters with years of experience can adeptly handle challenging and unexpected situations, even for them, the basis is always thorough preparation for the assigned task. This entails activities such as verifying specialised vocabulary, creating a glossary, and typically familiarising oneself with the current dynamics within a specific industry.

    An often underestimated yet crucial aspect is the interpreter’s access to all relevant materials for thorough preparation, including the ones that will be used during the event, such as presentations, speech texts, and video materials. It’s also important to ensure the interpreter has a comprehensive glossary of key terms at their disposal. This ensures the accuracy of the terminology used during interpreting and its alignment with our language preferences.

    It’s also essential to provide the translator with a list of speakers. We are all aware that an error in the speaker’s name is an avoidable mistake that every conference organiser seeks to prevent.

    With 35 years of experience in the translation and conference market, we understand that a meticulously prepared interpreter is a key guarantee for the success of international conferences and meetings. That is why we consistently emphasise the significance of providing the necessary materials to facilitate this meticulous preparation.

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