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  • Winter news from the Łódź Branch Office

    The Łódź Branch Office of the LIDEX Translation Centre has had a lot of work lately and has carried out interesting projects for its customers

    The branch has delivered a conference with simultaneous interpreting in Karpacz, simultaneous interpreting at an event of a large clothing company, consecutive interpreting in Berlin on the association of farmers into producer groups, and medical interpreting from Ukrainian in Poznań

    There was also a lot going on in the field of written translation. The Łódź Branch Office quickly completed 122 pages of a specialised translation of a scientific paper.

    They also provided technical translations from English into French and a translation from Polish into Swedish for a regular customer, as well as a translation of a transport and shipping website into many languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

    Large translation orders also included a translation of team-building, coaching and e-learning training materials.

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