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    Anyone can be Santa Claus


    Following the principle that together we can do more, in October the Management Board of Lidex proposed to employees participation in a campaign called “Smile for Christmas”.

    First, everyone could propose an organisation that needed financial support, and then one of them was selected by voting. The Management Board declared that it would double each payment made by a Lidex employee, as a result of which a specific amount was collected and will be transferred to the Heart for Animals Foundation [Fundacja Serce dla Zwierząt] in the first half of December.

    But that’s not all. Throughout November, each employee had the opportunity to increase the final transfer amount for the foundation by going for a walk or riding a bike every day and sending information about the number of steps taken or kilometres cycled that day. We are very pleased that some employees decided to make this extra effort and take care of their well-being at the same time.

    The campaign made each of us feel like Santa Claus.

    More information about the Heart for Animals Foundation:

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