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    Information Safety

    Bezpieczeństwo informacji

    We know that information is a priceless commodity in today’s global market and must be absolutely protected.

    How can we achieve this?

    One way is by certifying against the ISO 27001 standard for information security and the ISO 27701 standard for privacy protection. Lidex is the first translation company to do so.

    Certification is just the beginning. The next stage is to share the acquired knowledge and solutions with employees and subcontractors, so that together we can provide the highest quality services to our clients while protecting their strategic resource – information.

    It is equally important to verify how these essential information security rules are implemented in practice. In May of this year, we had the pleasure of auditing a group of our translators, and we were very pleased with their knowledge and conscious approach to this topic. We also want to emphasise that information security and privacy protection extend beyond our professional work. Much of our daily life now takes place in the virtual world, so Good Practices for Online Privacy Protection and Good Privacy Practices are excellent tips for effectively protecting yourself and your data on a daily basis.

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