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  • Opening of the exhibition “Signs of Freedom. On the Persistence of Polish National Identity”

    As part of the exhibition “Signs of Freedom. On the Persistence of Polish National Identity” at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, which was officially inaugurated on 9 November, visitors can see 500 works of art, several hundred documentary photographs, archival documents, film montages and listen to soundtracks related to the theme of freedom.

    The aim of the exhibition is to present similar situations that have taken place in the history of our nation and attitudes based still on the same values, presented in different circumstances. The landscapes, which express national identity, are extremely important here, while the representation of human experiences is achieved through photographs, which record the faces of people involved in historical events, as well as fragments of letters, diaries, notes and reminiscences.

    The soundtracks and visualisations, presented at the exhibition as an essential component, are compiled from unique archival recordings – broadcasts o the Polish Radio and Radio “Solidarity”, obtained from the Polish Radio Archives and Polish Television programmes. The accompanying rock and blues songs of the 1970s and 1980s expressed the hopes of the young generation. They were a sign of freedom.

    The exhibition will be open until 31 March 2019. During the exhibition, visitors will be able to learn about the most important historical events between 1914 and 1989, starting with the epic of the Polish Legions and ending with the political breakthrough of 1989.

    Lidex is a long-standing partner of the Royal Castle in Warsaw and carried out an online transmission of the exhibition opening as part of the event, as well as provides audio support for the entire duration of the exhibition.

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