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  • Ukraine – we thank our interpreters

    Probably most of us are deeply concerned about what’s going on in Ukraine. We express our solidarity with Ukrainians and wish them a peaceful resolution of the current dramatic situation, which is very complex and complicated according to pundits. Journalists and the media are working relentlessly to keep us posted on the conflict and its developments.

    We would like to thank our Ukrainian, English, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese interpreters who have been interpreting live virtually non-stop on various TV stations and programs since the beginning of February. We are grateful because we know their work often starts at 6:00 am and ends around midnight. We would also like to thank the customer service team of our Conference Department, which is currently working 24/7. This work is our mission and both in local situations and global crises, in which interpreters must work intensively, it requires complete availability and dedication.

    We remain hopeful that international solidarity and the determination of world leaders will keep Ukraine free. This idea resonates with us very strongly.

    January 2022 in the Gdynia branch
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