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What is transcreation?

Transcreation is a portmanteau term consisting of two words: “translation” and “creation”. This combination describes the creative process in which the translator takes into account various aspects, including cultural differences.

In this process, the original message is adapted, or even new copy in the target language is created, while preserving the intentions, emotions, style and context of the source copy. Being a transcreator requires not only perfect knowledge of the source and target languages but also the ability to move away from the source copy and compose new one to evoke the same emotions and impressions in the recipients. The translator achieves this effect by perfectly embedding the created message in the required cultural context.

That is why transcreation is an important part in all marketing and advertising campaigns. When you are planning to enter new foreign markets with your products or services, it can really pay off to use the transcreation service.

Translation or transcreation – the differences

Transcreation must be avoided in medical, legal, banking or technology translation – in these areas, the translation must precisely and accurately reflect the source copy.

On the other hand, transcreation is required when the translation is intended to evoke certain emotions in the recipient – excitement, joy, curiosity – or give comfort, sense of belonging, assurance, drive for action, etc.

Transcreation at Lidex

Transcreation – that is linguistic adaptation or localisation of the copy with the target recipient’s needs in mind – is one of the services that Lidex has been providing for years. Our translators created Polish versions of many commercials and promotional messages that started to appear in the new Polish reality of the 1990s. Since then, we have been helping Customers with creative translations of poems, advertisements, descriptions of dishes, cosmetics, perfumes, or even transcreations of fairy tales for children. This requires the translator not only to be a smart and skilled writer but also to perfectly understand the cultural nuances specific both for the country of the original message and for the country of the recipient (who may be a child, a teenager, an elderly person, a health care professional, an artist, etc.).

We have a huge team of talented translators of all specialties and languages, as well as knowledge and experience in the selection of translation services that perfectly meet the needs of our Customers. We always select the translation solutions that will optimally serve the interests of our Customers in their contacts and international cooperation.

Do you need translation? Or perhaps transcreation is a service that perfectly meets your needs? We will be happy to answer this question.

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