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  • Translation or transcreation?

    It is generally accepted that a reliable translation must faithfully reflect the content of the source document.

    To perform it, one needs excellent knowledge of the grammar and spelling of a given language, as well as knowledge of how to use appropriate tools and auxiliary materials, such as terminology databases, CATs, or translation engines. First of all, this allows to ensure terminological consistency and a uniform message in the translations. This type of translation is perfect for legal, banking, or technical texts.

    But what if the subject of the translation is an advertising or marketing text or a website? In such a case, some changes in the source material and the translator’s creativity are needed, and the best choice here will be localisation or transcreation service. This will allow to adapt a given text to the requirements of the local market, so that the text sounds as natural as possible to the recipient and is embedded in a given cultural context.

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