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Lidex - Translation and interpreting services in the field of law and insurance

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Translation and interpreting services in the field of law and insurance

Lidex – your legal and insurance translation agency

If you are reading this text, you are probably looking for a company – a translation agency, which you intend to entrust with the provision of translation in the field of law or insurance. Maybe you already have extensive experience in cooperating with such agencies, or maybe you are just thinking about establishing it. When choosing a provider, it is worth paying attention not only to the prices of basic services – translation and/or interpretation.

The translation agency you choose must cooperate with experienced, professional translators specialising in translations for insurers and legal translations, as well as translation for other sectors. It should also have documented experience in such translations, and a competent customer service team should be in place to optimally select the best translators for the specificity of your translations. Only a translation agency that specialises in translation and interpretation services in the field of law and insurance can guarantee that your projects will be carried out by experienced translators and interpreters, who will use consistent, required terminology that will meet your expectations.

We believe that it is us who will meet your expectations and show the experience you require, because:

Lidex is the largest Polish translation agency, present on the market since 1989. We provide translation and interpreting services in the area of 12 industries and in over 70 languages.

Our experience in legal translations and translations for insurers

We translate on a regular basis:

  • legislation
  • directives
  • agreements, including NDAs
  • personal data sub-processing agreements
  • GDPR-related documents
  • minutes
  • tender documentation
  • corporate documents
  • requests for payment
  • audit documentation
  • standards and certificates
  • declarations of conformity
  • court judgements and rulings
  • pleading documents
  • expert opinions
  • reports
  • official journals
  • resolutions
  • secondary legislation
  • insurance contracts
  • assignments, certificates and policies
  • claim forms
  • insurance general terms and conditions
  • patent applications
  • documents requiring authentication by a sworn translator

We also provide conference and simultaneous interpreters (working on-site or remotely – online), specialising in interpretation in the field of law and insurance during:

  • conferences for representatives of judicial authorities
  • conferences on the case law of European courts and tribunals
  • legal conferences
  • insurance conferences
  • judicial proceedings
  • signing agreements
  • negotiations and mediation
  • visits of foreign government officials
  • parliamentary meetings
  • conferences summarising the results of insurance companies
  • meetings devoted to the subject of insurance claims adjustment
  • sales conferences of insurance companies
  • management board meetings
  • working meetings
  • press conferences
  • seminars, training courses, workshops
  • teleconferences and videoconferences
  • hybrid events
  • online events

Lidex’s ambition is to meet all the translation needs of our Customers. Starting from specialised translation and interpretation, certified translations, sign language interpretation, film translations (translation of subtitles), to additional graphics services. We will be happy to provide you with technical support necessary for simultaneous or online interpreting, which you will probably need in the course of communication to establish and/or maintain international cooperation. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in this area.

We guarantee the highest quality of translation and interpreting services in the field of law and insurance as well as the security of data transmission, processing and storage, which is confirmed by our certificates:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System – since 2001
  • ISO 17100 Translation Process Management System – since 2012
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System – since 2013
  • ISO 18587 Machine Translation Postediting Management System – since 2019
  • ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System – since 2023

We are definitely distinguished on the market by a very wide group of translators and interpreters, thanks to whom we can simultaneously carry out numerous, complex projects. Lidex is a translation agency with offices in Gdynia, Katowice and Warsaw, but regardless of the location of our offices, we provide translation and interpreting services across Poland and abroad. Wherever you need them, regardless of the level of complexity and subject matter: from translation and interpreting services in the field of law and finance, to fields such as marketing, RES, or the IT industry.

We also provide technical support for international conferences – not only in the field of law and insurance – on-site, hybrid or online.

If you are looking for a reliable translation provider, check the quality of our translation and interpreting services for the law and insurance sectors. We will provide you with specialist service to and from all useful languages – also in other domains.

We are looking forward to working with you:

Warsaw translation and interpreting services in the field of law and insurance
Tricity translation and interpreting services in the field of law and insurance
Katowice translation and interpreting services in the field of law and insurance

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